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Hand sanitizers installed

The Public Entity Saba, in the course of this week, is having hand sanitizers installed throughout the island. This initiative was taken by Commissioner of Tourism Bruce Zagers late last year as a preparatory step for when the borders would reopen.

The planned partial reopening of the borders is now planned for May 1st. The standardized sanitation units serve to promote good hand hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since last year, the units were on the island but are now being installed at public and private properties, including government offices, bars and restaurants, shops, hotels, churches, and at the ports of entry.

In total, 150 units were purchased, as well as a 55-gallon drum of the sanitizing liquid. An additional drum was donated by Cadwell Inc. Businesses are asked to contact the Public Entity in case their venue was either overlooked or would need additional units. More sanitizing units will be ordered if the need arises.

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