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The Island Council is the legislative body of The Public Entity. The Island Council is elected by the citizens of Saba, elections are held every four years. The Island Council controls the Executive Council by passing ordinances that have to be executed by the Executive Council. The Island Council is also responsible to approve the annual budget of the Public Entity.

The Island Council consists of five members, currently there are two political parties represented in the Island Council: The Windward Islands People's Movement (WIPM) holds three seats and the Saba Labour Party (SLP) holds two seats.

The current members of the Island Council are:
Carl Buncamper - Island Council Member Eviton Heyliger - Island Council Member Ishmael Levenston
Carl Buncamper (WIPM) Eviton Heyliger (WIPM) Ishmael Levenston (SLP)

Monique Wilson - Island Council Member Vito CHarles - Island Council Member  
Monique Wilson (SLP) Vito Charles (WIPM)  

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